A Heart Full Of Love Lyrics


Love is such a great thing

And I just believe with in my heart that what we all need is love

A heart full of love

Is what we all need

The rich and the poor is what we need

Verse 1

I still remember the dark night

No lights with open eyes

I sit on my bed next to the pillow

Afraid of my own shallow

I fear to lose my life

With not accomplishing my vision

But here is the question

What is life without no love


A heart full of love (is what we all need)

The rich and the poor(is all we need) redemption, love set the captive free

Revelation oh oh oh oh oh

Verse 2

I couldn’t see straight pass my path

I thought I lose my soul, I swear to God I give my life

If it wasn’t for love, I’ll be lost.

I don’t wanna to die losing my life to this world

But what is life without no love (no love)

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What this world need( a hope, a future of love, salvation ,redemption,freedom)

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Written by Jessica kitson Thomas


Thursday Inspiration

”All the folks you have in your life right now are your designated supporters. Don’t lose track of them. They may not be what you want, but they’re the ones you need. The folks​ that walk out on you, trust me you don’t need them.”


”Learn To Let Go”

Numerous occasions we hear the phrase ” learn to let go”. Is often spoken to us in a moment we most likely don’t want to hear it.  The first time I heard that phrase I was a young teenager having boys issues.  So young and naive I thought it was the least most important thing someone could ever say to me. I was deranged about the hold situation and the phrase ” learn to let go”.

later did I know that the phrase ”learn to let go” will turn out to be the most important phrase. Not only was it important but is a repetitious code to live. That you and I must learn as we mature.

”Learn to let go” is a famous phrase that friends and family will often say to you in moments when you lose someone, when someone you love doesn’t love you or when something isn’t good for you. People will say it to comfort you and try to help you face reality. Truth is when you lose someone you got to let go they’re not coming back. When a person you love doesn’t love you, you got to let go holding on will only make it worst.

But As easy as learn to let go may sound isn’t as easy to implement. Is actually the most difficult thing to do. We are living being’s and connections are one of the few things that help us to enjoy life. We all want to be loved, feel love, and also afraid to lose the people we love. All of these things are important so as learn to let go is.

Learn to let Go

Which is why I want to encourage you to learn to let go. Is painful, hurtful and hard, but is worth it. Think about it as a toxic chemical that is capable of weakening you and robbing you of your full potential. Because that’s exactly what happens to us when we hold on to things and people that you and I are meant to let go off. It weakens us from exploring our full potential. Is literally the most hurting thing you can do to yourselves because all you are really doing is taking advantage of moments that you could’ve been spending doing something else but yet you’re spending it on someone or something that doesn’t deserve it. For instance, it may be someone you love so much but that person doesn’t love you, holding on to them is doing you and your future harm, you’re wasting precious time and you’re denying yourself of what’s on the next dimension of your life. When a person doesn’t love you, it doesn’t mean you’re not good enough. actually, most time is because you’re and that person is just too blind.

So, whatever is it you’re battling to let out of your life today I want you to take a chance and let go of it. especially if is toxic to you. Don’t waste your time trying to hold on to something that is not good for you or someone that doesn’t deserve you. life is too short to allow yourself to hold on to something you already know what’s in it and what’s expected to come out of it.






” I Am A light And So Are You”

Facetune_21-05-2018-22-48-56 Light is one source we all need. It could be the moonlight or the sunlight regardless of which, you always find yourself needed light. Because the reality of that is nobody wants to remain in the dark as important darkness can be at times is still not a reason why a person will want to remain in it. Light is important because we need it in order to function as a living being. For example, you need light to see where you’re going and you need light to move places comfortably.   

Well, you may be wondering why am giving you a lecture on a light as if you don’t know that light is important. That’s because I wanted to talk to you about a different kind of light and that is you.

Since light is an important source of this world. Therefore, you are also a light that is important to this world. There are times life circumstance allow you to think of yourself as a less important person because you don’t have what society has put a label on and categorize what makes a person important. For example, having a lot of money or notoriety before you can be recognized as an important person. 

I will like to encourage you today to be reminded that in the eyes of God we are all the same, We’re all important and we’re all recognized by Him. What’s more important is in His eyes we’re light that this world needs.

Too many times I try to live in the shadows of darkness constantly dwelling on the fact I’m not good enough. I am not what this world perceived to be a light or important but that was a lie I am important and so are you.

If you reading this I want to let you know that you’re a light not cause this world see you as a light but Because Jesus sees you as a light. You’re important because in His eyes you’re. You don’t need the whole world to be watching you in order to feel or believe you’re important. All you need is yourself and you can shine right where you are. Share your light with the one person that needs it, that one person may be the person that God wanted you to bring to light. 

Remember you are a light. 

Hope you are encouraged and remember that Jesus loves you.

If you have a question don’t forget to comment and ask.

Thank you


Am a girl with a dream.

I dream of becoming what others might perceive to be insane.

I know you probably thinking what in the world is she saying.

I talk about the weirdest things, sometimes my friends call me the dreamer.

I dream so big that sometimes I cry when the voices in my head tell me my dreams are too big to become reality.

My friends sometimes try to ignore me by leaving their earphones in their ears just to pretend they’re listening to music when really they’re not. 

They’re just tired of me telling them things that sound insane.

See! I don’t get mad. I probably would have done the same if it was the other way around.

So now instead of me telling them my dreams, I let them see me bring my dreams to reality one step at the time.

Every time they see me they ask me what have you been up to?

See! they only ask me that question because of the fact that they don’t want me to catch them by surprise like I did the first time.

 So I smile in their faces and tell them a small lie.

Not because lying is good.

But sometimes is best that I keep my dream moves to myself.

I look up to the want who put it within me.

Afterall He sees in me what no else can see.

He has the power to nourish the seed inside of me.

Furthermore, am just a girl from the west side of the World

With a heart that is filled with love.

No doubt I am easy to fall in love. 

I have been brokenhearted countless time.

But I never let it hold me down.

I rise to the top. 

Because I was not meant to break.




‘Don’t ask me what I feel’

You don’t want to know what’s running through my mind.

My thoughts are haunting me down. Am trying to figure out the twist and get it right.

I see all the things the world have but it ain’t what I want.

The cars, the money, and frame it ain’t what I want.

I cry myself to sleep cuz l don’t want to lose my sense of peace.

Don’t call my cell phone cuz I am not picking up.

You trying to tell me what? O please am done with that.

I see the flashlight is shining.

But see the problem is I’m a different kind of light.

I am a reflection of God goodness.

Yes, a reflection of God goodness.

I wrote these words. And no I didn’t quote it form a someone else.

By. Jesskitson

‘Passion and pain”

Passion is a strong amorous feeling or desire.For example, the desire to pursue something no matter what it takes or cost. Passion is what makes you wake up in the morning despite how you feel, yet you find so much joy in doing the things you’re passionate about. Is apart of you and no one can take it away from you, not even yourself.

Pain is physical suffering or distress. For example, a feeling of hurt that someone did to you physically, emotionally, or verbally. It’s an uncomfortable feeling that makes us cry.

Passion is something that we’ll have, while pain is something that we all go through. Passion and Pain are the two P’s that has a lot in common. Often time they both work together for our good, for example, passions give us the drive to strive to achieve something better for our lives, like a career or a special skills. While pain, on the other hand, makes us want to give up. Becuase it can be unbearable and hard to endure.

In my own life, I have experienced a series of painful situations. Some of it wasn’t pleasant at all, however, It was those circumstances that God used in order for me to discover my passion. So even though pain is not something we all like to go through sometimes it comes to help us break out of shells, Break walls that seem unmovable and to help us let go of things that are bad for us.

 I discover my passion for singing and writing when I was going through so much pain. At the time I found it very difficult to let those feelings out. I was going through a tough period in my life. I remember saying to myself why life has to be this way? around this same period of time, I had been praying to God to reveal to me my passion. Praying that He will reveal to me what is it that I love to do, perhaps that will help me to ease my pain or at least distract me from focusing on it. After few months I start journaling, it became a strategy that I decide to use to let my thoughts and emotions out. However, It became a habit that I fell in love with it.  I got better at writing my thoughts, over the course of time I then discover my passion for writing. I became writing lyrics, poem, and poetry. Out of the three, I was better at writing lyrics. 

I  have a great love for music, it helps me hide my emotions. I find it alluring that you can actually connect with a person, from them telling their story through a song. So I decided to try it, at age 19 I wrote my first song called’ Tell me you love me”. It was mostly a melody. At the time I didn’t know nothing about constructing a song, but over the course of time I got better and now I have more than 30 lyrics of songs all written by me. Writing songs became a way I learn how to express myself.  Words I don’t have the courage to boldly speak out or story I don’t have the confidence to tell about myself I can sing it out. And hope in my heart that someone out there feels the same way, and my story could bring them healing just like someone else’s did. So that’s how God used my pain to help me find my passion.

So whatever your pain maybe I’ll like to encourage you to seek God in those moments. Ask Him to bring you healing, moreover, ask Him to reveal to you ways that will help you find comfort. Your story or path won’t be the same as mine, just remember sometimes you can find your passion in your pain. 

Remeber that God loves you and He has a plan for you!

Stay tuned for more.

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